[time-nuts] NTGS50AA No Serial

Ed Armstrong eds_equipment at verizon.net
Sat Apr 15 04:13:36 EDT 2017

My NTGS50AA is suddenly lacking the ability to communicate. It's been 
working fine for months, but I was trying a few things with my Raspberry 
Pi NTP server.

Had GPSD accessing the NTGS50AA through a ch340 USB to serial adapter. 
Found out Lady Heather displays much less info when connecting through 
GPSD, so I went back to LH connecting directly to NTGS50AA through ch340 
adapter on windows 7. Curiously, it was surveying, not in position lock. 
So, I did a hard reset. Never heard from it since :(

If it's unplugged, all the lights behave as they should when you power 
it up again. "Locked" light eventually comes on. PPS still works. Just 
no serial. Even tried Trimble Studio with auto detect settings, no 
connect here either. I've tried a second ch340 USB to serial adapter, 
same deal. Any suggestions?


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