[time-nuts] Measuring coax temperature coefficient with a TICC

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 09:01:52 EDT 2017

Yes, for a variety of reasons, I would not expect the best results with coax on a spool.   The coax that I tested was a loose coil of coax pre-fabbed with BNC connectors.  It should not have any significant stresses on it than a laid out 100 foot run would.  The main purpose of the experiment was just to see how well the TICC could detect temperature effects on a hunk of coax.  I just  found a small styrofoam insulated shipping box (I think it might have been  used for shipping pies) that should make for a better cable testing box.


> I would question how much the results will relate to real-world use of coax, where its not
normal to have great real of it.

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