[time-nuts] Measuring coax temperature coefficient with a TICC

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 08:40:38 EDT 2017

Particularly if the cable / wire was made in say the last 10 years.   I've seen a LOT of magnetic supposedly 100% pure (oxygen free, of course) copper wire lately.  Much of it branded by companies with a reputation to lose.  It has  gotten so bad, I now check the resistance of all the wire I buy with my HP-3458A.   A couple of local sellers now have me vet all their wire purchases.  I've seen wire with a resistance over 3 times what copper should be.   It's particularly scary to see that in wiring sold for mains wiring.


> I’d want to be pretty sure what the center conductor was made out of. I’ve seen some stuff
in coax that “one would think” should not be there (copper over steel …).

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