[time-nuts] Special connector for Symmetricom X72 rubidium standard

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Fri Aug 18 13:50:09 EDT 2017


Are you suggesting reusing the entire cable?  I wasn't suggesting that.  
The cable is over a meter long!  Even if the wiring was correct, which 
it isn't, I don't know if you could pull enough power through those 28 
guage wires even though they have multiple leads in parallel.  Either 
remove the cable from the IDC connector and replace with something more 
appropriate or cut the cable and leave maybe 10 cm. of cable attached to 
the connector.  Terminate as appropriate.

Datum understood that different situations require different solutions.  
They provided both Molex and 'circuit board' connectors for maximum 
flexibility.  Personally, I think the connector looks a little silly.  
It's so big compared to the X72.  But for some users, it might be perfect.

I'm looking forward to Mark's circuit boards.  I have one of the 
official boards that I've barnacled a few extra leads onto to bring out 
the signals that Datum didn't, but it's ugly.  A better solution would 
be welcome.

You asked for the connector, I provided a source.  As is typical with 
Time-Nuts equipment, some assembly is required.


On 2017-08-18 9:56 AM, Christoph Kopetzky <ck at cksd.de> wrote:
> Hello all,
> here is the connection schematics from symmetricoms designer manual for
> the X72.
> So you see, that there is no need for an25 pin connector on the boards
> side:)
> If someone wants to download the X72 designer guide here it is:
> http://www1.symmetricom.com/media/files/support/productmanual/man-x72.pdf
> Regards
> Chris

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