[time-nuts] Performance verification for time counters

Leo Bodnar leo at leobodnar.com
Fri Dec 1 16:10:55 EST 2017

Poul-Henning, Magnus, et al. thanks for your suggestions - they were not in vain.

As promised, I started setting up dual asynchronous sources experiment and performed a quick sanity check.  
What I have [unsurprisingly] found is that at this level controlled environment is a problem in itself.  
For example, undoing input signal SMA connector by one turn shifted my results by around 3.5ps - close to expected figure but still inconvenient.
I'll have to plan the setup before I build and validate it, otherwise the results are not trustworthy.

I hope this message makes it to the list - my previous one didn't.  I am staying off the list for now.


P.S. I do know about torque wrenches.

On 29 Nov 2017, at 21:51, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> Lock it to the same frequency as your reference signal, but set it
> for pure sine output slightly offset in frequency (10.000010/9.999990
> MHz), so that your know your TI sweeps the entire window.

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