[time-nuts] Spectrtime SRO100 rubidium oscillator

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 6 21:46:28 EST 2017

I recently got in a Spectrtime SRO100 rubidium oscillator.  It is a very small (2.75 x 4") Rb that runs on 11-19V.   The firmware has the ability to discipline itself to a 1PPS input and can self-optimize the loop time constant depending upon the stability of the input PPS.

I now have Lady Heather working with it.   I am also building an interface board to connect the device to my X72 signal breakout board (has BNC's for PPS IN, PPS OUT, EFC IN, 10 MHz out, 60 MHz out, and adds a true RS-232 level interface).  The interface board also has a place for an EFC adjustment pot and range-limiting resistors drive from the SRO100 Vref signal.

If you have an SRO100 and would be interested in the breakout board set, contact me off list.  I'd like to get a feel for how many of the interface boards should be ordered...  I suspect there are not too many SRO100's floating around out there.

I also ordered a LPFRS Rb.  Software wise these are related to the SRO100's basic functionality (they don't take in a 1PPS signal).  I have also added support to Lady Heather for these (but unable to test it until mine comes in).  I am also going to build an interface board for these.   There are quite a few LPFPS units out there as they used to be sold in lots of 5 for $100-$150.
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