[time-nuts] Power Problems Lucent KS-24361, L101 & L102

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Sun Feb 5 04:17:07 EST 2017

Am 05.02.2017 um 04:29 schrieb Hal Murray:
> buzz at baylorhill.com said:
>> Where does pin three (P1) connect. I may have  trashed both units. Are
>> schematics available.
> I don't know of any schematics.  I would take it apart and see if anything is
> connected to any of the other pins on those connectors.  Or measure the
> resistance from the outside.
I also know of no schematics, but I took some photos when I made the 10 
MHz output and the

distribution amplifier for mine. The power input seems quite simple. 
Everything goes straight

into the DC/DC converter. Probably the input is not referenced to 
ground. There are just some

chokes and a reservoir capacitor. There is a diode, too. It looks too 
weak for use as a crowbar

or as a series diode.


(GPS board removed)

regards, Gerhard

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