[time-nuts] Power Problems Lucent KS-24361, L101 & L102

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Sun Feb 5 10:53:44 EST 2017


The power “brick” is a pretty standard Lucent part. The show up from time to time
on the surplus market. The gotcha is that you may be able to buy a KS box for less
than the asking price for the power brick. 

There are no schematics on these devices other than what some people have traced
out here and there. The input to the power brick is simple enough that it’s probably 
worth simply tracing out on the board. That will involve pulling the board completely 
out of the chassis (which is a pain). Once it’s out, some quick ohm meter checks between
the power inputs and the labeled pins on the power converter will give you a pretty 
good idea of what goes where. There *might* be a pc board mounted fuse on there
somewhere ….


> On Feb 4, 2017, at 8:54 PM, Roland Wm Buzz Ude <buzz at baylorhill.com> wrote:
> I,m brand new to this forum. I need your help. While powering up a KS-24361 set of units for the first time, my power plug for P1 was wired incorrectly!. Pin one (P1) was plus 24 VDC; Pin three (P1) minus 24 VDC--this
> should have been pin two Tried same connection on both L101 and L102, no activity of any kind. Where does pin three (P1) connect. I may have trashed both units. Are schematics available. Thanks W8BUZ
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