[time-nuts] Line Voltage [Was: Anyone (ideally in the UK) ...]

Jeremy Nichols jn6wfo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 00:33:30 EST 2017

Another option is to belong to the FNET/GridEye group operated by the 
University of Tennessee (http://fnetpublic.utk.edu/index.html). They 
have placed frequency/voltage monitors all over the United States; they 
also list sites out side USA but I don't know if those are their 
devices. The monitors use GPS for time and location information and send 
the data over an ethernet link to your router and hence to U of Tenn via 
the Internet. If you look at the "Table Display" page in their web site, 
I am Unit #853 in the Western Interconnection.


On 12/31/2016 9:07 PM, Chris Albertson wrote:
> Just a comment for anyone who wants to log line voltage v. time.   If
> you have an APC "Smart UPS" battery backup unit these will log voltage
> and frequency to a file.  The unit connects to a computer via USB (and
> an AC power cable).
> You can collect data over a wide area using these power supplies,
> logging data can be pushed over a network.
> I would not buy an UPS just to log power statistics but many people
> already have these
> So you might wonder what is the line voltage in your lab. If you have
> computer "server" of some kind you might also have an UPS and then you
> might already have logs of voltage and frequency going back for years.

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