[time-nuts] Line Voltage [Was: Anyone (ideally in the UK) ...]

Ruslan Nabioullin rnabioullin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 01:00:14 EST 2017

On 01/01/2017 12:07 AM, Chris Albertson wrote:
> Just a comment for anyone who wants to log line voltage v. time.   If
> you have an APC "Smart UPS" battery backup unit these will log voltage
> and frequency to a file.  The unit connects to a computer via USB (and
> an AC power cable).

As a more professional alternative, I suggest installing a power quality 
analyzer, particularly the Dranetz 658, which can be had for a modest 
amount off eBay.  If I remember correctly it is from the late 80s era, 
but nevertheless is very feature-filled---modular (mainframe with cards 
for: 4 channels for v, V, i, I, and f [incl. harmonic distortion 
analysis to the 50th. harmonic]; environmental monitoring [T, RH, 
radiated RF, conducted RF]; etc.), physically robust (but not 
rackmountable, I believe), is networkable with another such unit and of 
course interfaceable with a server via RS-232, and has a human interface 
right on the unit (incl. an entire miniature keyboard, floppy drive for 
memory expansion, and even a built-in thermal printer!)  When I was 
doing research, I could not find any other power quality analyzer that 
is physically robust, not to mention cheap, and those IT environmental 
monitors were underwhelming (no modularity, no RF probing, etc.), so I 
opted for this model for monitoring home metrology and METI lab and 
datacenter conditions, incl. the solar generation subsystem.


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