[time-nuts] TrueTime/Symmetricon XL-AK date reset failure

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Mon Jan 2 20:21:21 EST 2017

I have had an XL-DC at work since about 1997, serving as a reference
clock for an NTP stratum 1 server.  My memory is getting fuzzy, but at
some point (after I called and asked) Truetime mailed me at no cost a
new ROM of some kind and a tool to cahnge it to deal with the W1K bug.
I think that just changed the default assumption ("time could not be
before X") to a later date.  Since then, it has been mostly ok, but
occasionally troubled.  Manual date entry allowed me to have it continue
to track.  It's on a UPS, so it doesn't see power interruptions, and at
this point has probably been on continuously for ~7 years.

I have not been in the office for a while.  I'll follow up privately if
it's ok, or on-list if it's troubleed.

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