[time-nuts] [No sat positions in LH with Trimble NTBW50AA? SOLVED!

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 6 22:09:34 EST 2017

If you have two clocks off by 18 seconds, one of them is running on GPS time and one is running on UTC.

Check the upper left hand corner of the screen to see if it says "UTC time OK" or "GPS time OK".  If it says GPS, then the receiver is set to send GPS time.   A lot of Trimble devices default to GPS time.  Enter TU   from the keyboard to switch the receiver to UTC time. The setting should be automatically saved to EEPROM.  You can also use /tu from the command line.  For receivers that do not support sending GPS time,  Heather can fake it as long as the UTC leapsecond offset is available.

The /rxt command line option automatically selects /br=9600:8:N:1, so you don't need to set that unless you have configured the receiver for a non-standard baud rate.  There were a bunch surplus of Res-T's shipped at 38400 baud.

The time zone command should be /tz=-5EST/EDT (or the equivalent Linux format /tz=EST5EDT).  The time zone offset can be specified down to the second...  /tz=-12:34:56ABC/DEF

If you are not in the US,  you can specify your daylight savings time rule with the /b command line option.  There are pre-defined rules for Europe, Australia,  and New Zealand or you can specify a custom rule.

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