[time-nuts] [No sat positions in LH with Trimble NTBW50AA? SOLVED!

Brad Dye brad at braddye.com
Wed Jan 25 14:11:39 EST 2017

Gents: I really enjoy reading the postings from this group. It’s like going back to school sometimes. I am a longtime user of Lady Heather with a Trimble Thunderbolt and recently updated the program to V5.00.

For some unknown reason I am not receiving time or sat location info. LH does appear to be talking to the Thunderbolt since some of the info is in white letters. I have tried lots of commands with no joy. Computer is the same laptop I have always used running Win. 7.

I have tried a second Thunderbolt and a second antenna — still no luck — since it looked like the GPS receiver portion of the GPSDO isn’t working.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help out an “OM” with emphasis on the “O.” 

Here is my setup: http://www.braddye.com/gps_do.html


Brad Dye, K9IQY
ex KN9IQY, KN4BK, KM5NK, WB4JCF, ZP5TQ, WA4VXU, WA9RVL, HH2FJ /TI2, /9Y4, /6Y5, /KP4
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43 years since licensed as a First Class Commercial radio operator/engineer

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