[time-nuts] FE-5650A option 58 tuning word for 10 MHz output

Mathias Weyland mathias at weyland.ch
Sun Jan 8 09:44:16 EST 2017

On 2017-01-04 10:16, wb6bnq wrote:

Hello Bill

Thanks for re-iterating over this.

>  Yes, I do think the outer can covering is a MU-metal shield.  The
> bottom plate where the connector is located is not.

That is reassuring thank you!

>  I know the calculator that comes with Windows XP will produce the
> correct mathematical results.  I think the Windows version 7 does the
> same.  I do not have Windows 10 and therefore cannot address that
> one, if there is one.  Even EXCEL spreadsheet does not do the job
> properly.  So use caution with your calculations.

OK noted. The original calculations were done with a calculator that
was designed for high precision (in the floating point sense). I did
re-run the calculations in windows calculator for kicks, and the
result is different, although the difference is too small to have an
effect on the integer phase accumulator increment (fingers crossed!)

>  However, with all that said, it means nothing if you cannot properly
> measure the final value against an external standard of greater
> accuracy.  Acquiring the equipment to do the external measurements is
> where the real cost comes in.

Yes, I think that I am aware of that and I have the opportunity to
do that with somebody else's gear. I also understand that I'm supposed
to do that on a regular basis.

>  Hopefully the above helps to clear up your query ?

Yes most of it is clear, thank you. Unfortunately though my original
question, i.e. how to incorporate the reported R value into the
calculation, is still kind of open. I'm still convinced that what I
did, i.e. not taking the R number into account, is no worse than
using it. But this might be incorrect, and if it is I'd like to know

Regards and thanks again


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