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Duane C. Johnson redrok at redrok.com
Sun Jan 8 13:31:47 EST 2017

 >> I know the calculator that comes with Windows XP will produce the
 >> correct mathematical results.  I think the Windows version 7 does the
 >> same.  I do not have Windows 10 and therefore cannot address that
 >> one, if there is one.  Even EXCEL spreadsheet does not do the job
 >> properly.  So use caution with your calculations.

 > OK noted. The original calculations were done with a calculator that
 > was designed for high precision (in the floating point sense). I did
 > re-run the calculations in windows calculator for kicks, and the
 > result is different, although the difference is too small to have an
 > effect on the integer phase accumulator increment (fingers crossed!)

 >>  However, with all that said, it means nothing if you cannot properly
 >> measure the final value against an external standard of greater
 >> accuracy.  Acquiring the equipment to do the external measurements is
 >> where the real cost comes in.

 > Yes, I think that I am aware of that and I have the opportunity to
 > do that with somebody else's gear. I also understand that I'm supposed
 > to do that on a regular basis.

 >>  Hopefully the above helps to clear up your query ?

 > Yes most of it is clear, thank you. Unfortunately though my original
 > question, i.e. how to incorporate the reported R value into the
 > calculation, is still kind of open. I'm still convinced that what I
 > did, i.e. not taking the R number into account, is no worse than
 > using it. But this might be incorrect, and if it is I'd like to know
 > why.

 > Regards and thanks again

 > Matt

I have found a most useful and accurate calculator on the net.
It's a BigNum calculator.
Better yet:
1. It operates in "Floating Point" with most any number base.
    This is rare among calculators.
    Even the limited 64bit Microsoft calculator doesn't do this.
2. Standard +, -, *, /, X^N, X^(1/N) all in floating point.
3. Up to 5000 digits.

redrok AD0TJ
redrok at redrok.com

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