[time-nuts] Something odd - ionosphere?

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Sun Jan 8 15:48:28 EST 2017

This morning at about 0400 CST and again at more or less 0800CST, I noticed a number of large phase excursions on one of the GPSDOs I'm testing.  It also happened the day before but I didn't notice the time.  I am comparing the 1PPS from two separate units on a 5370.  On the one unit I was logging, there were 2 or three phase excursions of up to +/- 28ns or so at these times.  And yet, the 5370 showed nothing out of the ordinary on the plot of the phase difference between the two units.  So that tells me that it happened to both GPSDOs.

Did anyone else see anything odd in whatever units you're logging at around this timeframe?  Was this likely caused by an ionospheric shift?

Unfortunately, I didn't save the data for any of that, as I was only logging one of the units.  Now I'm logging both units in question, as well as the Timelab data, and of course it probably won't happen again.

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