[time-nuts] hm H Maser

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Tue Jan 10 18:42:02 EST 2017

> Looking at the Microsemi MHM 2010 Active Hydogen Maser data sheet, the
> maser has a peak power of 150 W and an operating power of 75 W.  Based on a
> power consumption of 75 W, that is 657 kW hr / year of energy. I pay around
> £0.20 (GBP) per kW hr for electricity, so that's £131 (GBP) annually. I
> believe electricity is cheaper in the USA than here in the UK, but
> converting £131 (GBP) to USD, that's around $161/year in electricity. So
> running costs don't seem to be an issue.


The cost of the lab and the cost of A/C must also be factored in. To keep a maser room within 1 C or 0.1 C takes much more power than the maser itself. Add to that the power consumed by the UPS(s) and all the other support instrumentation required to tend to a maser and it adds up, in both power and money.

Ole's estimate of 1-2k/yr is much closer to the truth than your $161/yr.


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