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>To keep a maser room within 1 C or 0.1 C takes much more power [...]

Forget the power:  Look at the installation costs.

If you want to be able to go in and pat your maser, the air volume
and flow has to be big enough that the 100W heating and increased
humidity you bring does not throw your environment system off balance.

For +/- .5K, you can do that in an existing room.

You need something like 20-40 square meters with about 20cm thermal
insulation in all directions, and a two level 10:1 heat/cool
ventilation kit, capable of handling your local climatic excursions.

For +/- 50mK, building-in-building design is required.

You probably need at least 100 square meters in the interior building
if you want to be able to go in there and stay in tolerance and you
can only stand downwind from the maser at all times.

You will need to think a lot about power fluctuations.  Lightning
must be permanent ON and you may need voltage regulation.  Sunlight
through windows are VerBoten.

You will need a three level 100:10:1 heat/cool A/C setup, and the
":1" level is too big for TECs.  You'll need very competent mixing
(I hope your wife likes the look of the Pompidou center) and even
more competent measurement and regulation.

Building-in-building-in-existing-barn is probably the cheapest you
can do this, and the maser is certainly going to be cheaper.

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