[time-nuts] Survey plot as art.

Jay Grizzard elfchief-timenuts at lupine.org
Wed Jan 11 02:20:43 EST 2017

I realize that, in theory, the designs for these things are relatively 
straightforward. Unfortunately, the *vast* majority of my experience is 
in the digital world, so the best I could probably do on my own is 
Frankenstein some hopefully-appropriate circuits together and hope the 
result is usable.

...that's a bit too luck-based for my tastes, so I was hoping someone 
had already put something appropriate together that I could just lay out 
and build. I'm actually a bit surprised that (apparently)  nobody on 
this list has done so, given how many GPSs we all must collectively own...

(...anybody want to? I'll fund the PCB & components for you to test your 


> The standard design is pretty simple:
> 1) DC bias coupler on the input
> 2) Protection on the input
> 3) Saw filter on the input (say -3 db)
> 4) Fairly normal (Mini Circuits) low noise amp with appropriate gain (say 12 to 18 db)
> 5) two way splitter for the two banks of outputs (-3db)
> 6) two way splitter to each output (-3db)
> (obviously a 4 output device)
> 7) 3 db  (to 9 db) pads on each output
> 8) DC blocks on all but one output.
> 9) DC bias coupler on the one “magic” output.
> Some designs put a second filter after the amp. Some designs use ceramic filters rather than SAW’s.
> Some designs go up to quite a few (like a dozen) outputs. Some have external power rather than
> the bias pickoff / pass thru.

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