[time-nuts] OT: Eagle PC CAD now Autodesk, $500/year

Tom Curlee tcurlee at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 20 00:32:41 EST 2017

KiCad is an open source pcd cad package that looks interesting.  Has some microwave/RF features, 8 layers (I think),  both schematic capture and layout.  Just started to look at it.  Doesn't have the libraries that Eagle does, but you can create your own.  Worth looking at.
Considering how Autodesk works (pay $$$$), I'm surprised that their Fusion 360 3D cad package is free for hobbyists.  I use Solidworks at work, but definitely not going to pay $6K for home use.  Just starting to learn Fusion 360, and, at least at my level, it seems to have all the functionality of Solidworks.  My only beef is that it's cloud based, but it will work off line for a few weeks before needing to call home.  My fear is that some time in the future Autodesk will either discontinue the program or start wanting $$.  Again, well worth looking at.

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 Subject: [time-nuts] OT: Eagle PC CAD now Autodesk, $500/year
Off topic, but probably a lot of disgrunted Eagle users on this list.
Its official, you will now have to pay $500 per year for a
professional license from Autodesk.  The spin meistering of the
announcement would make George Orwell proud.  I don't see any way they
can keep me from just using the license I currently own, at least
on the OS's it supports.  (Parenthetically, like many users, I
am also digging in my heels in terms of staying at Windows 7).

Still, the question arises:  are there any affordable alternatives?
Don't have to be entirely free.  I am looking for any trends out
there as to what tool will attract a critical mass of users in
the future.  There is strength in numbers.


Rick N6RK
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