[time-nuts] HP 55300A Date Problem

Gary Neilson gary at deepskyridge.com
Sat Jan 21 12:29:23 EST 2017

I have a HP 55300A Telecom Primary Reference Standard that I am using as 
a frequency reference (10 mhz) in my lab.

The unit work well and outputs 10mhz, 1pps, IRIG-B, as well as other 
telecom frequencies all work ok.

The unit has a problem with the Date received from the GPS. After it 
starts acquiring satellites it sets the date as June 6, 1997.

The date does increment each day. This seems to me like a firmware bug. 
My unit has firmware version 3704-D.

 From the documentation there are later versions of the firmware to fix 
Y2K bugs which apparently this unit needs.

Anyone know of firmware available for this unit ?


Gary - K5DSR

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