[time-nuts] HP 55300A Date Problem

Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) drkirkby at kirkbymicrowave.co.uk
Sat Jan 21 13:21:28 EST 2017

On 21 January 2017 at 17:29, Gary Neilson <gary at deepskyridge.com> wrote:

> I have a HP 55300A Telecom Primary Reference Standard that I am using as a
> frequency reference (10 mhz) in my lab.

I suppose this is one of those open-ended questions, but what the
definition of a "Primary Reference"?  It seems a rather presumptuous name
to attach to a GPS frequency source. When I google the part number, I
actually get " *55300A* GPS Telecom Primary. Reference Source" but it still
have the "primary reference" name in there.


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