[time-nuts] Autodesk Eagle -- maybe they're listening

Jim Pruitt jpruitt67 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 20:28:28 EST 2017

Mike,  you are correct about Autodesk products being free to
students/faculty/and staff with proof of status.  A college/university
email would do that.

I retired from a medium size state university here in late spring.  My job
there was to purchase, set up, install/administer software and hardware,
and maintain some application servers including ones for Autodesk,
Solidworks, Matlab, and Oracle Primavera.  I had 2 Autocad labs consisting
of about 25 stations each.  We used Autodesk products because they were
free to universities as long as it was in a teaching capacity.  For that
reason facilities management could not use the educational version.
Autodesk and the cad labs took up over 75% of my time so 2 labs kept me
busy and I had 10 other pc labs to maintain on campus.  I assume that
because the product was free to us we were on the bottom of the food chain
as I ran into a bug with their product that cause our students to have to
sit for 20 minutes before the license server would issue them a license.
Keep in mind that classes only lasted 50 minutes!  Even though I hired a
third party VAR (value added reseller) for cad tech support.  Education was
all on their own so even my VAR could not help me resolve the problem.
They did manage to give me one name at Autodesk that I could contact and
push them from inside.  If it had not been for that I feel they never would
have taken the problem seriously.  Even at that it took 2 months to get it
figured out.  They did not fix the problem til the following year when a
new version was released.  Prior to the product being offered free I could
contact Autodesk and get support when needed.

In short,  Autodesk products are free to students and staff/faculty when
used for educational purposes.  I had to resort to forums and other avenues
to get tech support.

Good luck.

Jim Pruitt

On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 4:56 PM, Mike Suhar <msuhar at woh.rr.com> wrote:

> Many companies are trying to jump on the subscription band wagon.  It is a
> way to keep a steady flow of income.  Unfortunately,  hobbyists are left
> out in the cold.   I have version 7.5 with the hobbyist license.  I just
> tried to get 7.7 but the download pulls in version 8.0.  I did not install
> it.
> If you are not using the software on a regular basis I assume  you could
> go  with the monthly subscription for a month then drop it.  Pick up again
> a few months later when you start another project and need more than the
> freeware capabilities.
> Looks like they have a student version but the way I read it you have to
> actually be a student enrolled in an education institution.  I assume they
> require some form of proof.
> Mike
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> Autodesk just sent a follow-up to my "new price model unacceptable"
> complaint a few days ago.  It looks like they are going to upgrade the
> "Standard" subscription ($100/year) to support 4 layer boards up to 160
> cm2, which I think matches the current standard version capabilities.
> Here's a thread from the Autodesk forum:
> http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/eagle-forum/a-path-forward-
> for-the-make-license-a-step-up-for-standard/td-p/6823182
> This is effective with the next release, which is supposed to be out in a
> couple of weeks.  (In the meantime, I've made sure to download every flavor
> of installer for version 7.7.0, just in case...)
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