[time-nuts] Fwd: HP5061B Versus HP5071 Cesium Line Frequencies

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Jun 3 23:26:10 EDT 2017

jimlux at earthlink.net said:
> I guess the regen receiver must have had some gain at 1 MHz. I found an  old
> GE datasheet that gives the ft of 0.6 MHz. (and the hfe wasn't bad,  20, at
> DC, probably)

> But you sure weren't building a 5MHz or 10 MHz oscillator with a 2N107  or a
> CK722.  Or the 2N170 NPN, which I am surprised to find you can  still buy
> (and cheaper, in constant dollars, than originally). 

Free to good home:

RCA Transistor Manual, SC-10, 1962, $1.50, 300 pages
3/4 of it is Technical Data.  Many 1/2 page.  Some more than a page.
Lots of germanium.  Nothing on the 2N170 or CK722.

GE Transistor Manual, 6th ed, 1962, $2, 440 pages
Nothing resembling a data sheet.  There are several tables with parameters.
The Use column for the 2N170 says IF => Intermediate Frequency Amplifier.

There is a chapter on Radio Receiver and Tuner Circuits and another on Basic 
Computer Circuits.

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