[time-nuts] HP 3048 NI GP-IB cards help requested

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sun Jun 4 15:15:44 EDT 2017

I am trying to set up an HP 3048 system and
have read the KE5FX web page on the software.
I have successfully installed both PN3048 and
the HT Basic port of RMB.  The programs basically
appear to run correctly on my Windows 7 desktop.

HOWEVER, I don't have a GP-IB card.  According to
KE5FX, both the bus card and USB dongle types work.
It looks like current NI driver supports many
legacy cards.  I am curious about whether this
means that all of these cards will be OK, or if I
have to buy the latest card/dongle?  I would like
to be able to run both programs.  The HT Basic
site says that certain bus chips are incompatible
with its software, and I should call them for suggestions.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can vouch
for a compatible NI card/dongle, either current production
or a legacy one.  (If someone has one they want to
sell, let me know).  Ideally I would like to use the
same card/dongle for both the PN3048 and the HTBasic
programs.  In the PN3048 program, there is
a menu pick to select NI card of type 1 or type 2.
Does anyone know anything about that?

Rick N6RK

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