[time-nuts] HP 3048 NI GP-IB cards help requested

John Miles john at miles.io
Sun Jun 4 22:04:44 EDT 2017

I'd recommend a GPIB-USB-HS adapter.  There are tons of them on eBay, e.g.


These will work well with both PN3048 and HTBasic.  I've purchased them from both of those sellers in the past.  They appear to be genuine, unlike the counterfeit Agilent 82357Bs that are commonly sold out of China.

Re: the card selection option, PN3048 lets you choose between "Adapter 1" and "Adapter 2."  This only comes into play if you have more than one NI adapter on your PC.  In your case, you'll use the default Adapter 1 setting with it.

You can also use a NI PCI-GPIB board with either PN3048 or HTBasic.  I'd go with the GPIB-USB-HS even though it may be a bit more expensive.  It will be more future-proof than a plug-in card.

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

> HOWEVER, I don't have a GP-IB card.  According to
> KE5FX, both the bus card and USB dongle types work.
> It looks like current NI driver supports many
> legacy cards.  I am curious about whether this
> means that all of these cards will be OK, or if I
> have to buy the latest card/dongle?  I would like
> to be able to run both programs.  The HT Basic
> site says that certain bus chips are incompatible
> with its software, and I should call them for suggestions.

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