[time-nuts] HP5090A Off Air Standard Receiver

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Sun Jun 18 16:17:46 EDT 2017

Hi Pete
That's quite good timing, if you'll pardon the expression:-), as I uploaded 
 a pdf version of the 5090A manual to mediafire a couple of months  ago....
I know a few others have considered converting the 5090A to 198KHz but it's 
 not straightforward and I believe the general consensus has been that it's 
not  really worth the effort.
I have a 5090B which I'm hoping to get up and running when it finally  
reaches the top of the to do list and my view is that it would be much better to 
 leave the original electronics undisturbed and to drive it with a  200 KHz 
signal divided down from a from a GPSDO or a rubidium  module, although 
having one of the latter already running at 800KHz  does leave me a bit 
Nigel, GM8PZR
Does anyone happen to have an electronic copy of the user /  technical 
manual they would share with me?All expenses covered.
This rather  unusual unit was produced in the UK in the days or the rather 
sensible 200kHz  Droitwich transmissions.
Im considering reworking the unit to the newer  198kHz standard.

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