[time-nuts] GPScon running on Raspberry Pi 3b

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 19:28:09 EDT 2017

it looks to me like Olgierdhas a working INTEL linux
os running on the Pi3.   He installed Wine on the Intel Linux not on
the ARM Linux

It looks like maybe Michael has an ARM version of linux running native
on the Pi3  Wine will not run on that
If you need to run Wine, you need to fist  have an INTEL lInux
running.   Remember "WINE= Wine Is Not an Emulaor" and it will not
run Intel binaries on Arm.

I'm skeptical it would be more then a stunt a triple stack of virtual
environments.  But if the final Windows app is not really doing
anything with the CPU, maybe fast enough.

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