[time-nuts] GPScon running on Raspberry Pi 3b

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 20 19:34:13 EDT 2017

Lady Heather can run under Linux, macOS,  FreeBSD, and Windoze.   It runs well on the PI (2 or 3) and the soon to be released version 6 has support for the touchscreen and several new devices.   I can send anybody interested in testing the new version the latest source code to build.  Contact me off list.

New devices include the RFTG-m,  Truepostion GPSDO,  Zyfer Nanosync 380,  Brandywine GPS4, Jackson Labs LTE-lite,  Oscilloquartz Star-4,  NEC GPSDO,  Trimble TAIP receivers, most SCPI GPSDOs (Z38xx, HP-5xxxx),  HP-5071A,  TAPR TICC,  HP-531xx counters,  generic time/frequency counters,  etc


> I believe that having a native GPS monitoring software on a Raspberry Pi instead of PC would become a game changer.

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