[time-nuts] Anderson PowerPole (was Charles Wenzel GPSDO)

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Thu Jun 22 12:25:46 EDT 2017

No one has brought up the issue of hermaphrodicity, so
I will.  Only PP's are hermaphroditic.  Why does this
matter?  It matters in the case of a battery.  A battery
is both a power source and a power sink.  In the PP
system, you can make a 3 way connection between a
power source, a power sink, and a battery, where
the battery float charges on the 12V bus it is connected
to.  Non-hermaphroditic connector schemes do not allow
a 3 way connection.  Attempting to do a work around
would require fabricating a special 3 way harness,
which would not be idiot proof.

This is the fundamental reason for using PP's.

If you never use batteries, then all the other
gendered connector schemes are fair game.

As far as connectors pulling out is concerned:
use a cable clamp to strain relieve the connection.

Rick N6RK

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