[time-nuts] How to love your Power Poles.

Van Horn, David david.vanhorn at backcountryaccess.com
Thu Jun 22 16:38:21 EDT 2017

One thing I love about them is that you can create odd geometries.
All my ham gear, and generally anything I own that's 12V has APPs in the OC Races standard.
All lead acid sources are also same.

I could see using a different geometry for lithium batteries and the stuff that goes with them, and different colors, like black and orange or black and yellow to differentiate three and four cell packs.

They aren't the solution to every problem, but they are pretty slick.

I use big powerpoles on my jumper cables.  The other end is standard clips.  My battery has a permanent pigtail.  So I connect to the dead battery, then plug in which makes the connection safely away from either battery.

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That said I do have some power pole cables.  They work good for 12VDC lead acid battery type stuff.  But NEVER use then for exotic battery
chemistries.   Fires are not good.  and it WILL happen if you use PP
on Lithium type batteries, an accident waiting to happen.

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