[time-nuts] GPScon running on Raspberry Pi 3b

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Thu Jun 22 19:01:56 EDT 2017


Are there any special requirements for using a USB to RS-232 adapter on the
Pi? Any specific features for the RS-232 adapter to get all of the features
for Lady Heather? Looking at eBay, it is not clear which adapter would be
best. Some don't say anything about supported pins, other list the pins that
are supported (and may differ). Which pins do you require / support? Are any
device drivers needed for the Pi or Linux for those adapters?

New to Linux, Pi and Lady Heather.



> Lady Heather can run under Linux, macOS,  FreeBSD, and Windoze.   It runs
> well on the PI (2 or 3) and the soon to be released version 6 has support
> for the touchscreen and several new devices.   I can send anybody interested
> in testing the new version the latest source code to build.  Contact me off list.

> New devices include the RFTG-m,  Truepostion GPSDO,  Zyfer Nanosync 380, 
> Brandywine GPS4, Jackson Labs LTE-lite,  Oscilloquartz Star-4,  NEC GPSDO, 
> Trimble TAIP receivers, most SCPI GPSDOs (Z38xx, HP-5xxxx),  HP-5071A,  TAPR
> TICC,  HP-531xx counters,  generic time/frequency counters,  etc

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>> I believe that having a native GPS monitoring software on a Raspberry Pi instead of PC would become a game changer.
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