[time-nuts] Software for Spirent GSS4100 GPS simulator

Peter Vince petervince1952 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 06:50:38 EDT 2017

Our favourite auction site has someone selling a Spirent GSS4100 GPS
simulator cheap, "for parts", as it is untested.  I'm guessing the vendor
has no clue HOW to test it, especially as they have no software to go with
it, so am hoping it might actually be OK.  Worth a punt, anyway.  However,
the download link for the "SimCHAN v2.02" software on the Spirent site
doesn't work, and they have yet to reply to my email.  Does anyone have a
copy of that software?  While not "freeware", it was provided with the
equipment (on a CD), and is no use without the hardware, and vice-versa,
and if that CD has been lost by the original hardware owner, it seems
reasonable for the new owner to ask for a copy of said software, and so my
conscience is clear in asking for a copy.

Thanks in advance, Peter Vince

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