[time-nuts] Toggle switch wiring for RFTGm-II (KS24019)

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I do believe that documentation is for the L102/L102A and L104/L104A/L104B units. The last units on eBay are L108/L109 and so a later generation of the KS24019 family. Basically the RFTG vs. the RFTGm-II.

In another Lucent doc it can be seen that the toggle switch is on the frame for the older units. (I tried to paste an image in this message but that often doesn’t work.) These older units have two modules (one Rb and one XO) that have heats sinks in the the front and a connector panel between them. An example of the shelf can be seen in eBay item 300574893087 and the L102 module is item 152594809458. These newer units have the connector panel above and no switch.

BTW, I also found reference to the Rb normally being the primary timing source: "During normal operation, the Rb unit is active, and supplies the 15-MHz reference frequency and a 1PPS timing signal. The XO unit is activated by an autonomous failure triggered sequence if the Rb unit fails."

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> <https://doc.xdevs.com/doc/Lucent/RFTG/software/rftg%20user%20manual%20novem
> ber%201996.pdf>
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> Hi!
> On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 04:17:20PM +0100, David C. Partridge wrote:
>> The Lucent manual refers to a toggle switch in the frame to switch the 
>> active module in the RFTGm-II (KS24019) from the Rb to the XO.
> Unfortunately I cannot answer your question.
> I have one myself though. You are mentioning 'the Lucent manual'.
> Where is that manual? I quick skim through the ML archive and a web search
> did not bring up anything.
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