[time-nuts] Toggle switch wiring for RFTGm-II (KS24019)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 28 20:40:06 EDT 2017

I think all the toggle switch does is switch the TX  and RX data lines on the computer between the serial ports on the RFTG-m... so it would need to be a 2PDT ot 4PDT switch (depening upon how you interface it).   Some of the Lucent docs I've seen talk about using the switch and others talk about moving the computer cable.

The Lucent docs and software are on ko4bb.com    You need to download 6 files.  The program is from the WIN 95/98 time frame and works on XP.   It has problems scaling the output for modern, large-ish screens.   I've seen reports of problems with running it on  later Windoze versions.

I've added support to Lady Heather for the RFTG-m.  If you can't wait for the next release,  I can send you the latest source code to build.  Ideally you would fire up two instances of Lady Heather... one for the XO side and one for the RB side.  Or just monitor the active unit.  

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