[time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-u REF-0 Standalone (Dan Watson)

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 14:31:02 EDT 2017

I think this was the same person that developed the arduino ref 0
standalone controller that was shared with time nuts. Essentially it faked
the ref 0 out and you could use any external GPS receiver tick to drive the
I tested numbers of arduinos. They all worked.

But your right he then moved on to building a internal GPS receiver and
though he built boards they were never completed or offered as I recall.

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 1:05 PM, Gregory Beat <w9gb at icloud.com> wrote:

> Dan Watson (New Zealand) appears to have abandoned this Lucent KS-2436
> Ref-0 GPSDO project (standalone operation).
> Earlier this week, I noted Lucent KS-2436 units being sold on the TradeMe
> web site (New Zealand). Listing: 1356761279 and 1356761447
> http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/other-
> electronics/other/auction-1356761279.htm
> "I'm selling this gear (Lucent) as I don't have the time to complete this
> project.
> I bought everything included brand new, but I can't provide any warranty."
> --amc184 (seller)
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> My June 6, 2017 query/update.
> --
> Starting in August 2015, Dan Watson (Sync Channel Blog) started a project
> to develop a GPS board to "plug into" the Lucent KS-24361, RTFG-u REF-0 for
> standalone operation (without the REF-1 module)
> http://syncchannel.blogspot.com/2015/08/standalone-
> operation-of-lucent-ks-24361.html
> By October, he had a GPS board (Tria) that converted uBlox timing receiver
> output to the format desired by Lucent box (Motorola Oncore UT).
> http://syncchannel.blogspot.com/2015/10/tria-gps-success-in-ref-0.html
> His last post in November 2015 was about dongles for the REF-0.
> http://syncchannel.blogspot.com/2015/11/denuo-gps-hits-rev-b-dongles.html
> In 2016 he posted his later development work on OSHPark, but stopped Blog
> posting about a year ago.  Anyone have an update?  He has commented in past
> that he is easily distracted.
> greg, w9gb
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