[time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-u REF-0 Standalone (Dan Watson)

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Thu Jun 29 13:05:20 EDT 2017

Dan Watson (New Zealand) appears to have abandoned this Lucent KS-2436 Ref-0 GPSDO project (standalone operation).

Earlier this week, I noted Lucent KS-2436 units being sold on the TradeMe web site (New Zealand). Listing: 1356761279 and 1356761447
"I'm selling this gear (Lucent) as I don't have the time to complete this project. 
I bought everything included brand new, but I can't provide any warranty." 
--amc184 (seller)
My June 6, 2017 query/update.
Starting in August 2015, Dan Watson (Sync Channel Blog) started a project to develop a GPS board to "plug into" the Lucent KS-24361, RTFG-u REF-0 for standalone operation (without the REF-1 module)

By October, he had a GPS board (Tria) that converted uBlox timing receiver output to the format desired by Lucent box (Motorola Oncore UT).
His last post in November 2015 was about dongles for the REF-0.

In 2016 he posted his later development work on OSHPark, but stopped Blog posting about a year ago.  Anyone have an update?  He has commented in past that he is easily distracted. 

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