[time-nuts] TAPR TICC boxed

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   As protection circuit I have used a 51ohm  from the front panel input to the TICC input than two diodes one from TICC input to gnd , other from TICC input to +5V. A swichable 51ohm from front panel input to gnd allow to have 1M or 50 ohm as input impedance.
   The front panel leds are drived from 2N3904 transistors connected to:
   A14 for the channel A
   A15 for the channel B
   PPS for reference 10MHZ (close to the pic divider)
   PW1 for the TX data (a 2N3906 instead 04 is used as not inverting function)

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   Oggetto [time-nuts] TAPR TICC boxed
   What did you do for input protection?

   I want to build an input system for the TICC that incorporates some input protection, switchable terminator, possibly settable threshold and edge selects, and a switchable PICDIV divider like the TADD-2 Mini. That would allow inputs of <1 .. 100 (or maybe up to 1000) PPS and 1/5/10/15 MHz inputs.

   The main problem I'm having is coming up with an input squarer circuit that is simple and cheap but can handle basically DC-15 MHz. Anybody got any ideas?
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