[time-nuts] TruePosition GPS Receiver

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri May 5 23:30:02 EDT 2017

I got in my Trueposition GPSDO's today and have one running.   These units are a little bit different than the Packrat documentation.  There is no second serial connector.   The first three pins on the 6 pin connector are RS-232 at 9600,8,N,1   You need to jumper pins 4 and 5 to talk to the board.

The power connector is different.  It is a 5 pin connector on the back of the board.  4 pins are ground and VCC is the other pin.   Check with an ohm meter to make sure you connect up properly...  the GND/GND/15V in the Packrat doc is backwards!   Mine is running just fine on +12V... YMMV.

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