[time-nuts] TruePosition GPS Receiver

Bob kb8tq kb8tq at n1k.org
Sat May 6 09:26:06 EDT 2017


The batch I just got in yesterday have a six pin connector on top labeled J2 and a 
15 pin connector on the back labeled J1. There is no pin at location 14 on J1. There
is an unpopulated location for a 10 pin J7 (looks like JTAG). There is also a set of
holes in another 10 pin array labeled with “TPxx” numbers on them. There is a six
pin connector labeled J4 on the back side by some switching regulators. Pin 6 is 
missing on this one to key it. 

There are four coax connectors on the board. J6 is the antenna connector. J9 and 
J10 came with coax cables plugged into them. J8 is just sitting there. 

The copyright on the board is 2010. The Spansion flash(?) chip has a sticker that
reads 11-1402A2 U10. There is a second chip with a sticker that reads 11-1401A5
U25. All but one of the OCXO’s on mine are CTS 1960017’s. They have date codes 
from mid 2010 through 2011. I have one with a Bliley NVG47A1282, it is unclear
how they do date codes. That one might be from 2012. All of them have Furuno
GT-8031G’s on them. 

Condition wise, they all look ok. The through hole parts were put on by hand. They
*could* have done a better job of cleaning up after they did that process. Some of 
the slider joints look a bit oxidized as a result of the “no clean” process. SMT stuff
all looks fine to my tired old eyes. 

All of the anti-static bags have the same seal sticker on them. It has “Made in Madras,
Oregon, USA     The De Leone Corp ASC #274” (= sticker manufacturer). The bags 
themselves are US made by Desco.  They could be original or just what my eBay seller
used to pack and ship. 

No idea what any of that means. Good news is that they all appear to have the 
same 2011 firmware in them. It is not at all clear where they have been for the last 
five or six years. They might be equipment pulls. Based on the nice bags and cables,
I’d bet they sat in a stock room while some obscure company went out of business ….


> On May 5, 2017, at 11:30 PM, Mark Sims <holrum at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I got in my Trueposition GPSDO's today and have one running.   These units are a little bit different than the Packrat documentation.  There is no second serial connector.   The first three pins on the 6 pin connector are RS-232 at 9600,8,N,1   You need to jumper pins 4 and 5 to talk to the board.
> The power connector is different.  It is a 5 pin connector on the back of the board.  4 pins are ground and VCC is the other pin.   Check with an ohm meter to make sure you connect up properly...  the GND/GND/15V in the Packrat doc is backwards!   Mine is running just fine on +12V... YMMV.
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