[time-nuts] Looking for a HP-58503 display

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue May 9 00:53:41 EDT 2017

I recently got in an HP-58503B GPSDO from a local equipment liquidation auction.  I had to pay too much, but wanted one to verify Lady Heather's support for the HP GPSDO's.  It powered up at the equipment auction preview. but not when I brought it home.  After replacing the power supply with a Meanwell RQ-15C - $20-$40 instead of $375 for the PowerOne that was in it   and replacing the GPS receiver (it had a lot of difficulty tracking more than 2 sats)  I have it working properly now.  

The unit has 83,000 hours of run time.  I think it was last powered up in 2013.   After a week the holdover uncertainty is around 8 us  and the  DAC is at +43%.
The display is a bit dim and blotchy.   Does anybody have a replacement display that would look better?  Contact me off-list if you have one or know of a source.

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