[time-nuts] Looking for a HP-58503 display

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Tue May 9 15:42:04 EDT 2017

Mark -

Option 001 for the HP-5803B GPSDO
featured a 12-character (alphanumeric) Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).
It appears to have been a custom VFD for HP / Agilent (Colons used in time display).

Noritake Itron Corp. (Ise Electronics Corp.) of Japan invented the VFD technology in 1967.  Noritake, Newhaven, Futaba, Samsung, and a Chinese mfg. are the 5 major mfg.
Three of these companies have their North American HQ offices here in Chicago area.

Futaba in Schaumburg

Noritake Itron Company in Arlington Heights

Newhaven Display in Elgin
Company is more of an East Asian importer, but handles custom runs.

VFD do have a finite life, and darken as they age.  Samsung states 30,000 hours to reach it 80% level (brightness).  You stated your unit has 83,000 hours.
DOUBLE CHECK DC Power and electrolytic capacitors associated with circuit, this has been known issue with commercial consumer appliances with VFD.
The mfg. date on your unit may have been during "bad caps" decade. 

> I recently got in an HP-58503B GPSDO from a local equipment liquidation auction.  
> The unit has 83,000 hours of run time.  I think it was last powered up in 2013.   
> The display (VFD) is a bit dim and blotchy.   
> Does anybody have a replacement display that would look better?
> - Mark
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