[time-nuts] First batch data of China pulstar observation satellite

Li Ang 379998 at qq.com
Wed May 10 09:42:10 EDT 2017

The readme.txt inside http://www.beidou.gov.cn/xpnavdata.rar 
1. filename rules
event: Psrname_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.txt (psrname: pulsar name, yyymmmddd_hhmmss: utc date&time of the data)
orbit: orbit_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.txt (utc date&time of orbit data)

2. orbit file format
time(seconds start from 2008-01-01  00:00:00 UTC)   J2000-x(m) J2000-y(m) J2000-z(m)  J2000-vx(m/s) J2000-vy(m/s) J2000-vz(m/s)

3. event file format
TOA (seconds start from 2008-01-01 00:00:00 UTC)  energy(eV)

4. If you are gonna publish the research result please declare the data is from www.beidou.gov.cn taken by pulsar observation satellite XPNAV-1.  
5. detector intro: wolter-i focused x-ray detector. energy range: 0.5-10keV. view : 2ω=15'.  geometric area: 30cm2 at 1.5keV. Time resolution:<=1.5us. Energy resolution: <=180eV at 5.9keV.

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Subject:  [time-nuts] First batch data of China pulstar observation satellite

    I have just noticed that the data was found at http://www.beidou.gov.cn/xpnavdata.rar 
    The satellite was built by BD7ILZ's company and launched on 2016.11.10. The data is recieved from the Crab nebula.
    If you are interested on the data I am happy y to translate the readme.txt and related information.


Li Ang / BI7LNQ
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