[time-nuts] Zyfer Nanosync-380 GPSDO performance

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu May 11 00:15:30 EDT 2017

I ran a test of the Zyfer Nanosync-380 GPSDO 1PPS signal performance using a TAPR TICC.  The TICC was clocked by a HP-5370A.  The TICC was in time interval mode with the Zyfer 1PPS on channel A and the 5071A 1PPS on channel B.   

These numbers are sort of a worst case.  The Nanosync had been powered down for 2 days after a couple of weeks of running.   The Zyfer was powered up until it started tracking satellites and had an almanac, then a self-survey (1 hour) was started.   After the survey completed the data acquisition was started.  At 10,000 seconds the Nanosync ADEVs were in the mid E-13 range.  Values below tau around 30 seconds are probably better, but the TICC resolution is the limiting factor.

The blue plot is frequency deviation of the 1PPS (1Hz)  signal scaled to 10 MHz from a nominal.value of 10 MHz.  My TADD2-mini dividers were in use elsewhere, so I could not measure the actual 10 MHz output.

I'm running a similar test on the TruePosition GPSDO now...
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