[time-nuts] E1938 info regarding LEDs, push button switch and EFC voltage notation

James Robbins jsrobbins at earthlink.net
Thu May 11 09:47:49 EDT 2017

1.  I have just acquired an E1938 and powered it up.  It seems to work.   I
see that it has 4 blinking board LEDs (green, red, yellow, yellow) and a
pushbutton switch at the end of the board opposite to the DB25 connector.
Can anyone point me to either the schematic for the board or what these LEDs
and pushbutton show or do?  


2.  Also, there is an "EFC" voltage ("3.69v") marked in magic marker on top
of the can.  Can anyone point me to where I can learn what, if anything,
this voltage notation should be used for?


Many thanks.


Jim Robbins

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