[time-nuts] Need information - CTS Knights JKTO-66 oscillator

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Mon May 15 13:50:57 EDT 2017

Never heard of this one but having lived in Sandwich all my life, would love to see some pictures if you have any.  I casually collect Faberadio/James Knights/CTS Knights crystals and related.  I'm not aware of any catalog archives available through the local historical society but will cleck into it.  They are hard to find.
Regards, Chris 

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-------- Original message --------From: Skip Withrow <skip.withrow at gmail.com> Date: 5/15/17  11:30 AM  (GMT-06:00) To: time-nuts <time-nuts at febo.com> Subject: [time-nuts] Need information - CTS Knights JKTO-66 oscillator 
Hello Time-Nuts,
Anyone out there have ANY information on the CTS Knights JKTO-66 Frequency
Standard?  Seems that even Google has never heard of it.

The particular one that I have is three boxes (battery, power supply, and
oscillator in very large dewar) mounted on a 4U rack panel.

BTW, the one I have belonged to WHBQ (back when it was owned by RKO), first
station to ever play an Elvis record (1954).  This unit appears to have a
1972 date code.  Frequency was 11.736666 MHz, close to 21X the 560kHz AM
frequency but not quite.

Any JKTO-66 information greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Skip Withrow

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