[time-nuts] Machining some aluminum help!

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu May 18 13:17:38 EDT 2017

On 5/18/17 10:03 AM, Bob Darlington wrote:
> Ask them what they'd do it for without the tapping.  Normally I'd do
> something like this for free but 40 tapped 4-40 holes in heavy wall
> aluminum is a pain.  It would be a miracle if I didn't break the tap off at
> least once.

Very much so.. 40 tapped holes is a lot of holes

  Last time was for a resonant cavity amp (23cm band) and I had
> to soak my cavity ring in nitric acid for a month to get the tap out.
> At least it's not steel.
Or copper(!)

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