[time-nuts] HP-53132A standard oscillator performance

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed May 24 02:32:10 EDT 2017

I recently got in a 53132A with the standard oscillator.   I now have Lady Heather working with it (along with any counter that can stream readings out a serial port).  Attached is a plot of the performance over a 15 hour period.  Counter set to time interval mode,  start=HP-5071A 1PPS,  stop=53132A reference output.  There was around 10 ns of coax delay on the reference output to minimize possible effects of the counter using its own reference as the stop signal. 

The frequency span was around 1Hz over the 15 hours... with some rather funky frequency excursions.

Speaking of 53132A oscillators,  I want to get one of the aftermarket boards off of Ebay.  Does anybody have any experience with them?  I leaning towards the board by Gerry Sweeny since it has multiple oscillator footprints on it and I have some rather nice Oscilloquartz 8663's that will go on it.

I also want to add one of the 3 GHz option boards.  Again, any experience with those?  The Chinese ones claim better sensitivity than the one from Poland...  but you know buyer beware about Chinese specs...   There is also an $80 8 GHz (usable to 10 GHz) board,  but its sensitivity specs are rather poor.
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