[time-nuts] Next Aug 21 eclipse and time flow --> WWV carrier phase

Bob kb8tq kb8tq at n1k.org
Mon May 29 08:30:35 EDT 2017


There are a *lot* of SDR boards out there today. The HackRF One is a pretty 
cheap one (you get what you pay for …). They go up to some very expensive
setups by National Instruments / Ettus. Most of them allow for an external clock
input. The usual isolation issues will still apply when checking WWV at 10 MHz. 
Coming up with isolation vs your local standard will be really tough. I would aim
at 5 and 15 MHz. Of course if you have a Lucent KS box, that sort of rules out
15 MHz :)


> On May 29, 2017, at 8:03 AM, Tim Shoppa <tshoppa at gmail.com> wrote:
> During regular night/day cycles I can just barely observe the night-day
> shift in WWV propagation from Colorado to my location near Washington DC,
> using the NTP WWV audio refclock. It amounts to a few hundred microseconds
> of shift. I last touched that code about 15 years ago.
> Now that I have a 10MHz GPS OCXO (well, I've had that for about 15 years
> too, getting that was the reason I stopped dinking with the WWV audio
> refclock) I wonder if there's some simple hardware I could build that would
> let me do superior carrier-phase type measurements on WWV propagation. If I
> could see the night-day shift more clearly then I might see an ionospheric
> effect during the upcoming August 21 eclipse, which nicely traces a path
> from west to east not too far off the line between Ft Collins and my
> location.
> Tim N3QE
> On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 6:17 PM, iovane--- via time-nuts <time-nuts at febo.com
>> wrote:
>> On august 21 2017 a solar eclipse will sweep USA from coast to coast. A
>> lifetime opportunity to do coordinated experiments to check this or that.
>> One of the questions that doesn't have a final answer yet is whether or not
>> solar eclipses could affect the flow of time. They exist conflicting
>> reports: Negative: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v402/n6763/full/
>> 402749a0.html Positive: http://home.t01.itscom.net/
>> allais/blackprior/zhou/zhou-1.pdf          http://home.t01.itscom.net/
>> allais/blackprior/zhou/zhou-2.pdfPersonally I believe that the positive
>> results were due to spurious responses of the atomic clocks to something
>> else than gravity, or the clocks failed for some reason (e.g. jumping
>> crystals then steered), or lower quality clocks had been sold to China.
>> Anyway the recorded data do show an anomaly.As far as I know, no atomic
>> clock tests are planned anywhere for that circumstance, but sincerely I
>> don't believe this is the truth.Maybe the US time-nuts community, using its
>> plenty
>> of atomic clocks, could give the final answer doing tests during the
>> above mentioned eclipse.US time-nuts, what about the idea of doing
>> yourselves a large scale coordinated test? Or do you actually believe that
>> this question is already definitively closed?(Even discovering that atomic
>> clocks might respond to someting else than gravity would be of great
>> interest).Antonio I8IOV
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