[time-nuts] Another hp Oven For Sale

Peter Putnam ni6e at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 29 13:48:02 EDT 2017


The dealer noted below had another hp oven for sale at the W6TRW Ham 
Swap meet in Redondo Beach, CA., on May 27th.

The unit is a cylinder about a foot long and 5 inches in diameter with 
sma-size connectors and four shock-mounts attached to the sides. It is 

Crystal Oven
Model 00106-6015

An attached paper tag notes: Inner Oven Defective

The asking price is $100.00

Pictures here:  http://files.ni6e.com/hp-106/

I have no financial interest in any transactions that take place. You 
must deal with the owner directly.

ApTec Electronics
P.O. Box 101
El Segundo, CA 90245

Stu Aplin
(310) 640 7262
stu at aptecelectronics.com


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